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Millivolt Valves - Real Fyre Gas Log Sets & Accessories

  • List: $467.00 Starting At: $396.95

  • List: $644.00 Starting At: $547.40


Millivolt Valves:

Choose from a complete selection of millivollt valves.

Designed to provide a safe and reliable gas valve, the millivolt valve design ensures a simple and convenient way to operate a gas appliance. Choose from options like on/off and hi/lo control.


Real Fyre Gas Log Sets & Accessories:

Under the hat of R.H. Peterson, Real Fyre has continued to produce some of the most innovative and realistic looking log sets on the market. The superior refractory ceramic logs ensure a long lasting and durable product while the innovative design of the gas burners create a realistic flame appearance to enhance the ambiance of any living space.

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