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Thermostat - Ambient Fireplace Remote Controls

  • List: $162.00 Starting At: $134.95

  • List: $162.00 Starting At: $134.95


Thermostat Fireplace Remotes:

Precisely control the temperature of your fireplace.

A fireplace is obviously great for warming a room—but what if you want more control? A thermostat fireplace remote can take care of that problem. These units allow you to set a desired temperature for your fireplace to achieve the perfect level of coziness.


Ambient Fireplace Remote Controls:

Having the convenience to remotely control your fireplace is a great comfort and with Ambient's high quality fireplace remote controls you can do harness that power for a long time. With a variety of different remotes to choose from, you'll have the ability to not only turn your fireplace on and off but control it based on the temperature of the room or on a timer for an automatic comfort.

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