Spotix & COVID-19

As with so many of you, we’re closely monitoring the developing situation concerning the novel virus COVID-19. Spotix, Inc. is a locally owned and operated company filled with people who are simply trying to stay safe and get through this (figuratively) together. We’re all learning more about COVID-19 as the days pass, but one thing that’s been clear from the beginning is the importance of reducing its spread. Here’s what Spotix is doing to try to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19:

Operating with a Safe Distance

As of 3/18/20, Spotix continues to be fully operational albeit with most of our staff working remotely. We are fortunate that we’ve had the ability to shift most of our employees to working from their homes in an effort to reduce the potential spread from a large group that would otherwise be our office environment.

Update: As of 6/1/20, the Spotix showroom is now open to the public by appointment only. Please contact us to schedule a time so that we may help you.

Shipping & Fulfillment Update

Unlike most of our office staff, our warehouse cannot fulfill & ship your orders without being physically present. With that said, we’ve reduced the amount of team members present each day so as to allow them a safe distance between one another. By doing so, we’re able to continue shipping and fulfilling all orders shipped from our Iowa warehouse as normal.

Further, we partner with several fulfillment centers nationwide, so we are in constant communication with these partners to ensure they’re not only able to continue fulfillment of your order, but that they’re doing so in accordance with safety guidelines - this continues to evolve and change each day, so we are approaching this situation with vigilance.

Full Transparency

We are all going through this experience together, and each day brings new uncertainties. As with many areas around the country, our schools & communities have largely been shut-down to prevent further spread of COVID-19. This means many of us are working from home with children, family members, and pets all present - so if you find yourself on a phone call with one of our team members, we simply ask you to be patient with us for any technical or child related issues that may arise.

-Your Friends at Spotix

Family of Brands