How to Troubleshoot a Skytech Fireplace Remote Control

If you have a standard Skytech fireplace remote control and you can't get it to work with your fireplace, watch our video above or use these simple troubleshooting steps to get it working again.

Step By Step Guide

1. Locate the Receiver Box

Most often, your receiver box will be located within the control cavity of your fireplace like it is here. Check to make sure the wires are tightly secured to the terminals. If your fireplace and receiver box are both working properly, you should be able to slide the slider switch on the receiver box to the "On" position, and your fireplace should turn on. If the fireplace does not turn on, either your receiver box is broken, or more likely, you'll need to contact a gas plumber for more in-depth troubleshooting of your fireplace itself.

2. Replace the Batteries

If your receiver box is battery-operated, make sure the batteries are new and have a full charge. Be sure to do so for the remote control, too. If you haven't replaced the batteries recently, corrosion may have formed, and this could prevent the system from operating. In this case, you'll need to replace the batteries at the very least. However, extensive corrosion may require a full replacement of the remote control.

3. Perform the Learn Function

The remote control communicates to the receiver box via a radio frequency signal, so it's common for the signal to be interrupted. Luckily, it's very easy to resync the remote and receiver. Begin by locating the "Learn" button on the receiver box. Press and release the button quickly, and you should hear a beeping noise.

3. Continued

Immediately after you hear the beeping noise, press the "On" or "Mode" button on your remote control. If your remote has both buttons, press the "On" button. At this point, you should hear a beeping noise again, and your fireplace should immediately turn on. This indicates that your fireplace remote control has been synced with the receiver box.

4. Reset the Memory

If you perform steps one through three and you still can't get your remote to work, you may need to reset the memory on the receiver box. Each receiver box has a small internal memory to store the signals from the remote control, and it's possible for this memory to fill up and not allow the learn function to work properly. To reset the codes, simply press and hold the same "Learn" button for a solid 10-15 seconds, after which you should hear consecutive beeps indicating the memory has been cleared. Next, repeat step three.


These troubleshooting steps should solve most issues you're having with a Skytech fireplace remote control. If you follow all of these steps and you still cannot get the remote to work, you may need to replace the unit. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance finding the best replacement remote system for your fireplace.