If Your Fireplace Manual is Missing, We Can Help

Fireplace remote control manuals are easy to misplace or accidentally destroy. If your owner’s manual is missing, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered links to most of our top fireplace remote controls below. We’ve also included manuals for several other common fireplace accessories.

Don’t see the manual you’re looking for? Give us a call. We may be able to track one down for you!

Fireplace Remote Control Manuals

On/Off Remote Control Manuals

Skytech-1001-D-A Manual
Skytech-1001-A Manual
Skytech-5010 Manual
Skytech-5001 Manual
Skytech-1410-A Manual 

Thermostat Remote Control Manuals

Skytech-TS-R-2-A Manual
Skytech-TS-3 Manual
Skytech-5310 Manual
Skytech-5301 Manual
Skytech-1410-TH-A Manual
Skytech-1001-TH-A Manual

Programmable Thermostat Remote Control Manuals

Skytech-5301P Manual
Skytech-3301P Manual
Skytech-3301P2 Manual

Timer Remote Control Manuals

Skytech-3301 Manual
Skytech-TM-R-1 & R-2 Manual
Skytech-5310 Manual
Skytech-5301 Manual
Skytech-1410-TLCD-A Manual
Skytech-1001-TLCD-A Manual

Specialty Remote Control Manuals

Skytech-3301PBE Manual
Skytech-3301BE Manual
Skytech-3324R Manual
Skytech-3301PF Manual
Skytech-CON-1001 Manual
Skytech-CON-1001-TH Manual

Modulating Flame Remote Control Manuals

Skytech-SR-1001-TH-(MRCK-TH-1) Manual
Skytech-SR-1001-(MRCK-1) Manual

Blower Kit Manuals

FK-180 Wiring-Diagram(GFK-160A).pdf 
FK-180-Fan Kit.pdf

Valve Kit Manuals

Skytech-AFVK-SP-AFVK-SPH-L-MH-L Manual
Skytech-AFVK-AFVK-H-L-AFVK-VH-L Manual
Skytech-AF-LMF-R Manual
Skytech-AF-LMF Manual

Fireplace Accessory Manuals

Skytech-RS-1-A & RS-2 Manual

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